Grapes Growing 2009

Cali helping to un-hill the vines

Prepairing for the 2009 growing season.

In early February we completed pruning all the vines.  In March we unhilled the base if the vines from thier winter protective covering.  Then in April we added additional rows of wires to the trelles system.

The unhilling is the reverse process of what we did back in early November.  The purpose it to cover up the bottom of the vine with dirt to protect the grafted joint from damage due to the freezing tempurature in the winter.  In the spring we uncover or as it is called unhill to expose the grafted joint again.  We need to make sure that the joint is completely exposed to prevent roots from getting into the ground from the graft as this would kill the vine.

Pruning and unhilling was a very labor intensive job.  I am glad we only have 1000 vines.

The next project was to add additional wires to the trellus system.


Growing Petit Manseng


We are growing Petit Manseng



Our Petit Manseng will be harvested and produced by Lovingston Winery.  It will be bottled as a 100% Petit Manseng. Typically it will have a 2.4% residual sugar, the slight sweetness on the front of the palate balances beautifully with the acidity on the end. This perfect summer wine acts as aperitif, dessert wine and everything in between. Complements spicy foods as well as fresh fish.


It has been and will continue to be a lot of work.  The pictures below are listed from present to past.  Enjoy!


Lacey inspecting 07/18

Vines now over 5 feet 07/18

Richard Spraying 07/08

Richard Spraying 07/08

Richard Spraying 07/08

Vines 06/08

Vines 06/08

All 12 Rows Planted  05/08

4 of 12 Rows Planted 05/08

There are 999 to go! 05/08

Richard drilling holes 03/08

Nice straight rows 03/08

2 of 12 done 03/08

Grading the field 02/08

Dozzer stuck in mud 02/08

Before picture 02/08